Why Choose Urgent Care?


Visiting Airport Urgent Care couldn’t be easier. Come on down to our Inglewood clinic in Los Angeles and get treated, no appointment or referrals needed. A visit at our clinic usually lasts less than an hour. The means you can get treated by experts, quickly then get on with your day.

Just bring your:

  • Insurance card
  • Photo ID
  • Cash, Credit Card or Check for Co-Payment

Fast and Affordable

Urgent care centers can play an essential part in your health. Think about it as a substitute when you can’t get an appointment with your doctor but need medical attention quick. We are open afterhours of most primary care practices to fit your afternoon and evening schedule. Choosing an urgent care center over the emergency room (ER) can save you time and money but get you seen quickly.

Visit your local Urgent Care Center when you’re dealing with an illness or injury. If your condition isn’t serious or life-threatening, an urgent care center provides quality care like an ER, but can save you hundreds of dollars.


A member of our staff will take your vital signs as well as diagnostic tests such as X-Rays, blood tests, or an EKG if needed, The results will be reviewed by a physician who will then examine you in person, address your concerns, and discuss your results.

When you are comfortable with the information the physician has shared, you will be escorted back to the front desk to complete your visit.

There you will receive aftercare information, any necessary prescriptions and a record of your visit. If follow up is needed, the front office staff will book an appointment that accommodates your schedule.

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